It takes a lot of work and a lot of resources to run a convention of any size. The obvious ones include cash, "stuff", and manpower, but another area is software. Software to manage registrations, communicate with patrons, communicate with staff and concom, and keep track of jobs. Software can be employed in a million ways to ease the burden on those making the convention happen; but there could ALWAYS be more automation.

The catch-22 comes in with time, another of those limited resources. The people best able to do a great job in creating this software are often the people best able to do the job itself, and therefore are entirely too busy DOING the job to create full-scale software packages with which to assist in that doing. It is my opinion (and that of many other members of the convention committees, past and present) that the open source movement and methodology that has served us so well in the running of this con could be just as useful in the creation (and subsequent lifecycle) of this sort of software.

Which brings us here.; our way of employing the community to create this software, and our way of giving back to the same community by sharing the software without undue restriction or requirements for compensation. Your repository of open source software.

Please, come in, explore, take what you need. If you can contribute, please do. If you want your project here, all that we ask is that it is free software or open source software with a license that permits others to use or alter the software without payment.

If you would like to see our list of projects, click below to see what our users have to offer. If you would like to start a project, please email us at development